Sales Segments and Methodologies:
Are you ready for a sales revolution? Is your firm prepared to
begin a journey in home sales that will change an entire generation in the future. Look at how quickly our world has
shifted with Smart Phones, Smart TV's, Smart Homes, Social Media, Car Transportation, Online Shopping!  Home Purchasing

"with an option to be able to move" (with ease and confidence) is

the way of the future. This is it, there isn't another innovation

that will Trump this one!  As the designer and without revealing
to much detail, I will say this: I would simply implement the MHBC Developement with funds from the Warranty Fund. The first executive action I would take upon launching, is to send a letter to every home buyer who has purchased a home from our firm and offer them an option (like a stock option or endorsement that you add to your insurance) to be included as part of the MHBC Communities for $5,000.00.  I would also reserve a set amount of MHBC Homes to the Warranty fund (as an even exchange in asset) 
for the resolution and diplomacy of future arbitration.  The sales from the MHBC Endorsement Options would quickly exceed the funds used from the Warranty Fund and The MHBC Fund would continue to grow....along with new home purchases and stock prices. A Win, Win situation for everyone: Especially the Home Buyer !  My Contact Info 24/7: 714-767-7467 

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SNeak Peak at the mhbc

To request a detailed presentation or to request a proposal please call me at: 714-767-7467.  All information is accompanied with a confidential agreement. 

The Licensing Agreement is available by contacting us directly. Any questions you may have can be answered via email at our contact us page or


President: Catherine F. Lazzara

Aside from THE MHBC and Landmark Business Enterprises, LLC, I own and operate an Accounting Firm that has me working 12 to 14 hours a day throughout Southern California. I'm an active Swimmer and Fitness Enthusiast and spend most of my time of with Family.  I am a true entrepreneur at heart and the quality of all of my relationships, reflects my strong moral and ethical beliefs....Especially "Work Ethic"

Twitter:  themhbccom


Via US Mail:  The MHBC Development 22709 Minona Drive First Floor Grand Terrace, Ca. 92313





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